6 Reasons to Shop Learning Express Toys in 2015

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I am a very social person who enjoys meeting new people. My mother has always joked that I could make friends with a wall if I had no one else to talk to. But the truth is that I love feeling a connection with people and learning about their lives.

That is why I always look forward to visiting my sister and spending time with her friends, all of whom are doctors. I find their hospital stories fascinating—it’s like glimpsing another world full of unique customs and a language packed with fancy Latin words and abbreviations. Similarly, my sister and her friends are always fascinated by my stories. To them I am referred to as “the one with the fun job”. They can’t believe that I get to write about toys every week.

Sometimes, I can’t believe it either. Anyone who works for Learning Express Toys knows how wonderful it is to help parents and children find the perfect, educational toy. Our store owners and employees create magical moments for the cutest little members of their communities—who wouldn’t want a job like that?

And our customers love to shop at their local Learning Express Toys stores as much as our team members love to work in them. Here are just a few of the reasons why customers choose to shop with us and why you should too!

Our stores offer an extensive selection of products for boys and girls of all ages and interests. From classic toys like Spirograph and Simon Game to trendy new kits like Rainbow Loom and PlushCraft Pillows, kids can always find exciting toys that spark creativity. And parents love the educational value of our products, which are specially chosen to help children develop new skills and experiment through play. Check out our latest catalog and look for the Top Toy logo to discover our best-selling items.

2.Expert Advice & Support
Every local Learning Express Toys store is run by a team of experts who are not only highly knowledgeable about their products, but also eager to help you find a stimulating toy. Just like me, these toy experts love meeting new people and establishing close connections with their customers. Not sure what toy would make an ideal birthday gift for a 5-year-old boy? Just ask one of the experts!

To enhance your shopping experience, LE Toys offers complimentary services designed with convenience in mind. If your child’s birthday is fast-approaching, make sure to create a Birthday Box gift registry at your local store. Once registered, your child can find toys throughout the store to place in his/her personal box. Friends and family can shop from the items in the box, making it easy to avoid duplications and identify gifts that are sure to be a hit at the party. In addition, staff members can personalize items with your child’s name and fun designs of your choosing. They will even wrap the gifts for free!

4.Family Events and Activities
Sometimes you can’t find the perfect toy until you’ve played with it; which is why Learning Express Toys is so much more than a store—it’s  an experience. Staff members are always available to give product demonstrations and challenge customers to a friendly game of Spot It!, TENZI, and many other games. Attend classes and activities to test one-of-a-kind craft kits and bring your work of art home. The whole family can enjoy a day out at the neighborhood toy store where there are engaging events and character visits happening year-round.

5.Skill Builders Program
Does your child have specific developmental needs? Check out our Skill Builders program, which identifies the right toy for every developmental stage. Broken down by eight skill set categories including Fine Motor, Social Skills & Self Esteem, Oral Motor, Language & Speech, Gross Motor, Cognitive, Sensory Processing, and Visual & Spatial Perception, the featured products have been selected by child therapists to address a variety of special needs. Several of our store owners who have children with disabilities have found these products to be especially beneficial and effective.

6.Support Local Business
Each of our stores is locally owned and operated. Because of this, Learning Express Toys store owners are invested in the prosperity of their neighborhoods and often participate in local fundraisers and charities throughout the year. Along with providing rewarding jobs for residents, these stores are dedicated to creating a safe and play-centric environment in which local families can gather.

Stop by the Learning Express Toys store nearest you and see for yourself. We hope to welcome you soon!


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