Product Image 2 of a Kind Double Ended Colored Pencils

2 of a Kind Double Ended Colored Pencils

Twice the colors in half the space! These 12 colored pencils each have two colors, paired in complementary hues to help aspiring artists out. Ages 5 +.

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Additional Information

2 of a Kind Double Ended Colored Pencils by International Arrivals are a series of 12 pencils, each with two differently colored ends. These color are paired in complementary hues, helpful for children to pick colors that go well together and to learn about color theory. Ages 5 +.


Double-ended pencils
Carry more colors in less space

Skill Building

Coloring with pencils helps children develop their fine motor skills. Creating works of art helps develop self-esteem and creativity. The paired colors on these pencils help introduce basic color theory to children.

Package Contents:  

12 double-ended colored pencils

Recommended Age:  

5 Years to 7 Years


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