Product Image 4M Electric Plane Launcher Kit

4M Electric Plane Launcher Kit

The 4M Electric Plane Launcher Kit features the supplies and instructions needed to make a plane launcher! Kids will learn about science and electronics as they make a device to send planes flying up to 31 mph! Plane not included. Ages 5 +.

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Additional Information

Science, electronics, and a device to launch a far-flying plane make this kit a functional favorite! Kids will learn about mechanics and deepen their understanding of how things work with this clever kit. Connect the wires and insert the motors to create a plane launcher that sends your favorite paper airplanes into the sky at up to 31 mph! Includes supplies and instructions, plane not included. Ages 5 +.


Encourages an interest in science and mechanics
Solve problems while creating a cool launcher
Makes a great gift

Skill Building

Kids will work on their fine motor skills as they use small hand and finger movements to assemble the plane launcher. Kids will also work on their cognitive skills as they read and interpret the instructions, follow the directions, and use problem solving and analytical thinking to figure out how the pieces work together to create a working plane launcher.

Package Contents: Supplies and instructions

Recommended Age: 5 to 12


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