Product Image Tin Can Robot Kit

Tin Can Robot Kit


Recommended Age :

8 Years to 12 Years

Skill Building :

Additional Information

We use over 80,000,000,000 aluminum soda cans every year. With the Tin Can Robot Kit, you can save one can from a sad ending in a trash compactor or landfill by turning it into a robot with a wacky personality! Follow the simple instructions on how to turn your can into Tinman (or whatever creative name you choose)! This kit includes a motor, wheels, arms and eyes. Two AAA batteries, screwdriver, and soda can are required, not included. Ages 6 +.


Easy instructions
Encourages kids to "go green"!
Gets kids interested in how things work

Skill Building

Kids will improve their fine motor skills as they pinch and grip the parts of the kit and manipulate their fingers in order to put the robot together. Kids will also work on their cognitive skills as they follow directions and think logically.

Package Contents:  

All working parts, motor, wheels, arms, eyes, and instructions


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