60-Piece Blocks by Melissa & Doug

60-Piece Blocks by Melissa & Doug

The 60-Piece Natural Block Set by Melissa & Doug is made from natural hardwood that has been smooth-sanded to round out rough edges. Kids will learn about shapes & construction as they build anything they can imagine! Stores in wooden box. Ages 3 +.

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Additional Information

Kids can build a spaceship, a zoo, a fort or a robot. Actually, they can build almost anything they can imagine with this 60-Piece Standard Unit Natural Block set by Melissa & Doug. These blocks are smooth-sanded hardwood with rounded edges that feel comfortable in kid's hands. Little ones learn about shapes and develop strong spatial skills as they put together the pieces. Some structures might be built with a protective fence while they stand tall in the living room-until the cat knocks them over! But kids wouldn't be kids if they didn't get the occasional urge to build a block castle high into the sky and then knock it down! High-quality wooden crate makes storage stylish and simple. Ages 3 +.


Classic children's toy that never gets boring!
Kids will learn spatial skills and shape recognition
Smooth hardwood with slightly rounded edges

Skill Building

As children grip and manipulate the blocks into various configurations, they'll improve their fine motor skills. Kids will improve their visual and spatial perception skills as they distinguish the various block shapes and as they observe how the blocks fit together, noting parts vs. the whole. Children will work on their cognitive skills as they organize and mentally sort the blocks, and as they think analytically to problem solve building setbacks. When kids complete their block builds, they will feel a sense of pride and likely experience a boost in social skills and self-esteem.

Package Contents: Sixty blocks and wooden storage crate

Recommended Age: 3 Years to 7 Years


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