Product Image A Smart Girl's Guide: Worry by American Girl

A Smart Girl's Guide: Worry by American Girl

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Learn to overcome fears and create a sense of calm, whether it's a big problem or a small one. Ages 8 +.

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Additional Information

A Smart Girl's Guide: Worry: How to Feel Less Stressed and Have More Fun teaches children strategies for quelling their fears. Whether it's worry over a sleepover, a test, or a divorce, this book offers tips for finding a sense of calm and dealing with worry in a healthy way. Ages 8 +.


Tips for creating a sense of calm
Strategies for dealing with worrisome situations
Helps children cope with fears

Skill Building

In this book, anxious children will learn strategies for calming themselves and processing worries in a healthy way.

Package Contents: 96-page book

Recommended Age: 8 Years to 12 Years


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