Product Image Aqua Maze Twist - Water Marble Run

Aqua Maze Twist - Water Marble Run

It's an all new twist on the classic Marble Run! Aqua Maze can be used indoors or outside, with or without water. Ages 4+

Additional Information

It's a wet and wild marble ride! From vertical drops, spinners and spouts, kids can get their feet wet in the basic principles of physics. A waterproof play mat makes cleanup a breeze. Ages 4+


Can be used with or without water
Translucent tubes let you follow the marbles in motion
Observe physics principles like speed, gravity, strength, centrifuge and attrition

Skill Building

Assembling the marble run promotes visual-spatial skills as children envision the design they want to create. Kids will use fine motor skills as they connect the pieces and drop the marbles down the run. As they observe the marbles' trajectory and speed, they will learn basic physics principles.

Package Contents:  

103 marble run pieces, 20 floating marbles, waterproof play mat

Recommended Age:  

4 Years to 6 Years


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4 stars

By Rebecca Scott on 7/11/2019

4 stars

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