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Atomic Double Barrel Power Popper

The Atomic Double Barrel Power Popper is a pump-powered shooter that launches foam balls as quickly as kids can pump. Includes Popper and 18 foam balls. Ages4 +.

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Additional Information

Pump projectiles through the air with the Atomic Double Barrel Power Popper! The faster kids pump, the faster the foam balls will fly. Two barrels deliver balls twice as rapidly. Includes Popper and 18 foam balls. Ages 4+.


2 barrels for rapid delivery
Fires safe foam balls
Encourages open-ended play

Skill Building

The pump action of the Popper helps kids to engage their upper body and to build gross motor skills. As they take aim and place shots, kids will improve their spatial awareness and coordination.

Package Contents:  

Popper and 18 foam balls

Recommended Age:  

4 Years to 12 Years


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