Product Image Backyard Safari Laser Bug Vacuum

Backyard Safari Laser Bug Vacuum

Learn more about the world's insects as you catch them with this vacuum and magnifying lens! Ages 6 +.

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Additional Information

The Backyard Safari Laser Bug Vacuum is the only tool you need for your next bug hunting adventure. Use the laser light to aim the vacuum and position the vacuum over a bug to collect it for research. Peak through the magnifying lens to get a closer look. The gentle suction of the vacuum means there's no need to pick up creepy crawlies by hand to have a look at them. Includes four AA batteries. Ages 6 +.


Aim with laser light
View details with magnifying lens

Skill Building

Holding and aiming the vacuum will help children to develop grip strength and hand-eye coordination. Children will use their cognitive skills to collect and observe new bugs. Safely capturing and releasing insects provides children with a boost of self-esteem and an opportunity to practice social skills as they share what they've learned.

Package Contents: Laser Bug Vacuum, 2 bug pods, field guide, and iron-on patch, 4 AA batteries

Recommended Age: 6 to 15


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