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Padded, extra-bouncy racquets and an oversized, lightweight birdie ball makes this twist on badminton fun for all! Ages 5+

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Additional Information

An extra-bouncy take on badminton, Bashminton uses an oversized, springy birdie that's easier to hit. Perfect for beginners or for players that want a new twist on the classic sport! Includes two racquets and one birdie. Ages 5+


Large racquet and birdie are perfect for new players
Great outdoor game
Teaches coordination and sportsmanship

Skill Building

Bashminton provides a solid exercise in hand-eye coordination. This active game can be a good source of exercise at higher speeds, and its cooperative design encourages socialization and good sportsmanship.

Package Contents:  

Two 21"" racquets and one 4-1/2"" birdie

Recommended Age:  

5 Years to 7 Years


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