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Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab

Discover and classify mysterious creatures with the Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab set! Includes two Beaker Creatures, additional Beaker creatures sold separately. Ages 5+

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Additional Information

Drop the reactor pod in water to set off a bubbling chemical reaction and reveal the mystery creature inside. Then, use the classification cards to determine what type of creature it is! Includes instructions and equipment for real-world science experiments. Includes two creatures, additional Beaker creatures sold separately. 100+ to collect! Ages 5+


Compatible with additional Beaker Creatures pods and accessories
Includes instruction guide for performing real-world science experiments

Skill Building

Children will use fine motor skills to drop and extract their Beaker Creatures. They will use cognitive abilities and literacy to identify and classify their creatures and will learn basic chemistry science by performing additional experiments.

Package Contents:  

Lab, 2 Reactor Pods with mystery Beaker Creatures, 2 classification cards, 2 mini-posters, experiment guide, poster

Recommended Age:  

5 Years to 7 Years


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