Dope Slime Halloween Slime Trio Pack

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  • This Halloween Slime Trio Pack includes Spookies & Cream, Trick or Treat and Monster Mash slimes in super cute packaging!
  • Black / White cloud crme/dough slime, ultra soft & dense clay heavy dough textured slime! Its so soft and holdable, with cute Halloween fimos!
  • Get treated with this new halloween themed Trick or Treat bingsu! Ultra bright orange color filled with orange bingsu beads that makes a great crucnhy ASMR texture. Scented just like pop rocks candy and topped with a jack o' lantern ball charm & TONS of random candy charms!
  • This is a bright blue-violet jelly slime scented yummy gummy- it has such a pretty color and topped with the perfect sprinkle combo! this jelly texture is incredible, super thick and juicy.
  • This trio also includes a slime activator pen; easily reactivate and rejuvenate your slime with our pre-mixed activator pen.
  • Ages 5+
Dope Slimes are handmade, high-quality, and affordable. Dope Slime comes in a varitey of textures, including cloud slime, butter slime, floam, clear slime, thick slime, and many others.
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