The Genius Star

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  • The Genius Star - STEM puzzle game
  • Play solo, or race an opponent to fill the star
  • 165,888 puzzles, always with at least one solution!
  • Recommended Ages: 6+
The long-awaited follow-up game to the multi-award winning Genius Square! Play solo, or race an opponent to fill the star... 165,888 different puzzles and always at least one solution! Not only is The Genius Star more challenging than The Genius Square, but for the most serious puzzlers there is the fiendishly difficult bonus challenge to tackle - The Golden Star! The aim of each of the 165,888 possible puzzles is to complete the star using the eleven coloured shapes, once the seven dice have been rolled to determine the positions of the seven triangular ‘blockers’. There may be times when it seems impossible to complete, but there will ALWAYS be at least one solution... and that’s why it’s called The Genius Star! If you have previously played the now legendary Genius Square, you will find The Genius Star’s puzzles to be significantly more testing! There is also a wonderful new twist to each challenge, in the shape of the ‘Golden Star’. Will you play safe and complete a regular win, or will you go for a double win, by completing the challenge with the ‘Golden Star’ in one piece? Only 57.4% of the puzzles actually have a solution with the ‘Golden Star’ whole, so it’s a tough decision to make. You’ll need speed of thought... and nerves of steel! There’s even a web address where you can input your dice combination to find out whether any given puzzle can be be solved with the ‘Golden Star’, or where you can request a random dice combination that is guaranteed to have at least one solution that includes the 'Golden Star'. The Genius Star is a unique brain teaser challenge that will get the whole family playing together!

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ASTAR "Best Toys For Kids" Winner - The Genius Star is the advance version of "The Genius Square" & you will also be addicted to!
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