Mazescapes Labyrinthos Game

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• In Mazescape Labyrinthos, players will have to find their way out of the maze by moving a wooden marker on a map that they then have to fold and unfold in sections.
• A range of mazes are already available in this fun and collectible game series.
• Each Mazescape pack contains 7 mazes for you to escape from, with special missions to complete along the way.
• Ages 5 years and up.
Mazescape is a puzzle that transports you to a mysterious world that is solitary and intricate and full of paths that are constantly changing. Take the Impossible Triangle, which will transport you back to the real world; or if you like, to another Mazescape.

Each box of Mazescape are presented with seven unique mazes each. Players will be flipping through the flaps of these maps looking to escape the labyrinth, but they can never lift the pointer from the table. A unique challenge for bright minds.
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