Splattosaurus Game

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  • Be the first player to get two of your dinosaurs from the start position to home. 
  • But watch out! Someone along the way might make your dinosaur go splat! See if you can dodge extinction to the end.
  • Not only is this an exciting board game, but it allows you to be creative and crafty. 
  • You get to design your own playing piece by sculpting your own dinosaurs with the included clay and mold.
  • Package contains (1) Game Zone Splattosaurus - Splat You Opponents into Extinction. Includes 1 splattosaurus game board, 1 dinosaur mold, 4 colors of clay, and 1 deck of cards. 
  • 2 to 4 players. 
  • Ages 4+
Mold your own dinosaurs and race through the prehistoric jungle to get your dinosaurs home. Be careful – your opponent will try to SPLAT your dinosaur! The first player to get all his/her dinosaurs home wins! Includes: game board, dinosaur mold, four blocks of reusable modeling clay (in four colors), deck of game cards and instructions.
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