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Blank Slate Word Game

An award-winning family-friendly word association game where you try to predict what others are thinking! 3-8 players. Ages 8+

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Additional Information

Blank Slate is a word game where you've got to guess what's on everyone else's minds! Draw a Word Cue card and fill in the blank; correctly pick the same word as another player to score points! 3-8 players. Ages 8+


20-35 minute play time
Play individually or on teams
Easy to learn word game

Skill Building

Playing with friends and family helps build social skills and self-esteem. Playing word games helps develop cognitive skills.

Package Contents:  

Dry-erase score board, 8 dry-erase Slates, 250 double-sided Word Cue cards, 8 dry-erase markers with erasers, instructions

Recommended Age:  

8 Years to 12 Years


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