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Break Out Game

Use logic and strategic thinking to connect your pieces of plastic rope to form an escape plan for your Prisoner, while trying to block your opponent's path. 2 players. Ages 6+

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Additional Information

Break Out is a board game driven by skill and logic; players take turns connecting pieces of plastic rope to help their Prisoner escape while pushing and blocking their opponent's pieces. The first one to make it to the bottom wins! 2 players. Ages 6+


Easy-to-learn logic puzzle game
Teaches spatial thinking and strategy

Skill Building

By manipulating the plastic rope pieces, children will practice fine motor skills. They will use logic and spatial thinking to determine where to best place their pieces. By playing with friends and family, children will build social skills and self-esteem.

Package Contents:  

1 wall with 2 pods, 26 knotted rope sections (13 red and 13 blue), 2 prisoners, 1 sticker sheet, instructions

Recommended Age:  

6 Years to 8 Years


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