Bunny Buffet - Your One Stop Shop for Easter Baskets

bunny buffet beverly

Easter is on its way, and the last-minute egg hunt for the perfect basket fillers and goodies has begun. Big department stores and pharmacies are picked over at this point and only carry generic treats and candy loaded with sugar. In recent years, many families have begun to decrease the amount of candy filling their Easter baskets and have instead switched over to fun toys and trinkets that bring longer lasting joy and result in fewer calories—and no crazed kids hopped up on sugar. The Bunny Buffet at Learning Express Toys is a great place to find cute, fun, and inexpensive Easter toys that are sure to make your little bunnies smile.

Each March our stores begin setting up for Easter; they have fun adding product to their Bunny Buffets and putting up festive spring decorations. The store owners and managers take great pride in being able to provide their customers with quality products and a non-sweet alternative for Easter shopping. The Bunny Buffet program is designed to make Easter shopping as easy as 1-2-3!

Here’s how it works:

Stop by your local Learning Express Toys store and browse through the Bunny Buffet section. You will find great products including arts, crafts, baskets, and plush animals. There's plenty to choose from, allowing you to customize each Bunny Bucket to fit your child’s skills, age, interests, and personality.

1. Choose a Bunny Bucket: The large plastic buckets come in an assortment of colors and can be filled with tons of toys and treats of many different sizes.

2. Fill your bucket: Walk through the Bunny Buffet and explore the fun selection of toys. Pick and choose what items to include in each bucket and ask our staff of experts for advice and information on the products that are most popular for the age and gender of your child. Make sure to pick out $25 worth of toys to receive the Bucket free of charge!

3. Receive your personalized bucket: Bring your bucket full of goodies to the register and inform a staff member of your child’s name and how it’s spelled. The staff will personalize the bucket with your child’s name for free. Our stores also offer free gift-wrapping on request so make sure to take advantage of this great service.

Let Learning Express Toys take the stress out of your Easter shopping this year by participating in our Bunny Buffet program.

Have a Hoppy Easter!