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Butterfly Garden Kit

The Butterfly Garden Kit lets kids raise caterpillars into beautiful butterflies. Included is a certificate to send away for larvae. Kit also includes butterfly habitat, feeding dropper and complete instructions. Ages 4 +.

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Additional Information

Now kids can have a VIP ticket to the butterfly hatching show as they raise five butterflies from caterpillars with the Butterfly Garden Kit. When the metamorphosis is complete, they will have three to five gorgeous Painted Lady butterflies to release outdoors during the warmer months, or keep in the indoor habitat during the colder months. The whole family will look forward to the day when the butterflies spread their wings for the first time! Ages 4 +.


Includes all necessary materials
Raise 5 Painted Lady Butterflies while learning
Three butterflies guaranteed to become perfect specimens

Skill Building

Whether kids work on caring for the Butterfly Garden individually or in a group, they will become more confident in their own abilities, and will work on increasing their social skills and self-esteem. Kids will use their language skills to follow the directions, and will work through each step of metamorphosis. When the project is completed, children will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment with the end result.

Package Contents:  

Includes certificate for butterflies~Pop-up butterfly habitat, feeding dropper, and instruction guide

Recommended Age:  

4 Years to 6 Years


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Great experience

By Lu on 5/15/2017

I bought this for my niece's birthday a couple of years ago and now she wants them every year. I wish you all had the option to buy the larvae alone, since she already has the net.