Calico Critters Ballet Theater

Calico Critters Ballet Theater

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Your Critters twirl en pointe as you turn the handle! Theater plays music from Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, or connects to your music player. Ages 3 +

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Additional Information

Prima ballerina Bell Hopscotch Rabbit is getting ready to take center stage with the Calico Critters Ballet Theater. Help her practice her routine for a show-stopping performance! The ballerina stand helps her twirl en pointe in her pointe shoes. Plays music from Swan Lake and The Nutcracker or connects to your music player. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Ages 3 +


Connects to music player
Calico Critters dance en pointe
Plays two classical songs

Skill Building

As children engage in imaginative play with Calico Critters, they explore the limits of their own creativity. Acting out real-world scenarios will help children to improve social skills and self-esteem. Dressing and manipulating the dolls helps children practice fine motor skills.

Package Contents: Theater with dressing room and ticket counter, prima ballerina Bell Hopscotch Rabbit in a beautiful costume and pointe shoes, ballerina stand, ballet barre, tiara, stool, hanger, steps, ticket, 3 ballet programs, backdrop card, turntable card, decorative

Recommended Age: 3 Years to 5 Years


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