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Calico Critters
Family Seven Seater


Recommended Age :

3 Years to 5 Years

Skill Building :

Additional Information

Calico Critter families love traveling around Cloverleaf Corners together in the Family Seven Seater! It seats up to seven critters, and features three baby seats with safety straps, a map, and a guide book. This comfy cruising machine is ready to explore the open road. Critters sold separately. Ages 3 +.


Wheels and doors really work
Encourages imaginative play
Seats up to 7 Calico Critters

Skill Building

Driving through Cloverleaf Corners and navigating around obstacles helps children to develop visual and spatial perception while practicing gross motor skills. Manipulating the components of the van and loading it with Calico Critters promotes the development of fine motor skills and the pincer grasp. Children will use their imaginations to envision road trips, shopping trips, and other real-world driving scenarios.

Package Contents:  

Family Seven Seater van, 3 baby seats with safety straps, map, and guide book. Critters sold separately


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