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Camo Digital Bookmark with Book Light

The Camo Digital Bookmark with Book Light is a tool that lets kids read anytime or anywhere, even in the dark! Features 3 powerful LED lights, an adjustable arm, integrated page clip, homework help timing functions, recorder, timer and automatic shut-off. Colors will vary. Ages 5 +.

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Additional Information

Sure, sure, kids always love doing their homework and need no encouragement. But on those rare occasions when they'd rather be watching TV or surfing the net, this amazing product will put the excitement back into reading and learning. The Camo Digital Bookmark with Book light that helps kids read anywhere... even in the dark! The Camo Bookmark features 3 powerful LED lights on an adjustable arm to illuminate the page, an integrated clip that attaches the bookmark to the pages of the book, a cumulative timer that records and stores information, a 60-second fluency timer, and a countdown session timer that alarms when kids are finished with reading time. The light even features an automatic shutoff function. Now, reading logs will be easier and reading time will be exciting again! Colors will vary. Ages 5 +.


Encourages a renewed interest in reading!
Makes keeping track of reading times a breeze
Read comfortably at night or while traveling without disturbing

Skill Building

As kids track their reading or homework time, they are learning independence and responsibility. They are also practicing sticking with routines, and following through with goals. Kids will improve their social skills as they monitor the amount that they read.

Package Contents: Battery included

Recommended Age: 5 Years to 10 Years


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