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5 Second Rule Jr. challenges children to list three items within a certain category-before the 5 second timer runs out! Silly answers are sure to follow as children rush to complete the list. For three or more players. Ages 6 +.

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Players must list three items in a category before the five second timer runs out! Might sound easy, but the pressure is on and nerves might get the best of you as you pull three ice cream flavors from your mind in five short seconds. You wont believe what silly and nonsensical things people blurt out when in the hot seat! For three or more players. Ages 6 +.

The game that SOUNDS easy, but can be a bit tricky!

It seems easy to name 3 ice cream flavors, but can you do it with time twisting down quickly?!

Just say what comes to mind...if it's not a right answer, maybe it'll be a funny one.

Fun for the whole family.

The twisted timer is the coolest!

5 Seconds has never been counted down in such an awesome way! The twisted timer makes a fun Zooooop sound when you turn it over, and the metal balls swirl down to keep time.

Keep score by moving along the board--be the first to the end to win.

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