Andrea's Swimming Cube
LEGO Friends

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•The cube is styled like a sports backpack, complete with straps and a handle.
•Mini-doll figure Andrea is preparing for a swimming competition, cheered along by her cute poodle toy.
•All the elements pack up into the box as well as fixing to the cube’s base, so there’ll be no missing pieces when it’s played with on the move!
•Ages 6+

Also, locally available at the following stores:

Chattanooga, TN
(423) 643-8697


Mountain Top Toys, TN
(423) 886-6943


Join Andrea poolside as she preps for a swimming competition. Help her get changed and pass her the swim cap. Cheer her on from the side with her pet poodle. When she’s finished her laps, hand her a doughnut and banana. Check the clock to see her time... She’s beaten her personal best! Give her a high five for a good job!
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