Black Max Football

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  • THROWS FARTHEST - Patented spiral ring makes Diggin’s Black Max foam spiral football spin tighter and throw farther than any other soft football for boys, girls or adults
  • PERFECT SPIRALS - This long-throw football, with its soft football grip, is designed to help kids and adults learn to throw long beautiful football spirals
  • SOFT FOOTBALL - Soft foam football doesn’t hurt to catch and minimizes bumps, unlike other small foam footballs with hard plastic rubber tips
  • EASY-GRIP FOOTBALL - Soft grip football dimples have just the right amount of give for kids to hand grip football and throw a spiral without crushing small football foam
  • KID-SIZE FOOTBALL - This child-size foam football for beginners is small enough for younger kids sports play, but big enough to throw far. An easy-catch football for football throwing practice
  • OUTDOOR SPORT BALL - Ideal for backyard football catch games, beach football, outdoor park games, touch football, or pee wee football practice. Toy soft football for kids ages 5+

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With digging's Black Max patented spiral ring football, almost anyone can throw a perfect spiral-aa Super confidence boost for kids. This sponge football learning toy helps kids learn to throw a football in a beautiful straight spiral. The heavy spiral ring around the middle of this football for kids gives the green foam football extra rotational inertia for beautiful spirals and longer throws, while still providing kid-safe soft football foam at the points. The Black Max kids soft football doesn't hurt to catch and minimizes bumps if younger preschool kids get hit, unlike other foam youth footballs with hard plastic rubber tips. A great children's football for younger kids who are nervous about catching harder footballs. Dimple football grips give a more tactile feel than other youth soft football balls, and have just the right amount of give for kids to Super grip football and throw a spiral without crushing the football sponge rubber. Small toy football is perfect for kids who want an easy throw football for kids football practice. A kids toy football that's small enough to be a toddler sports ball-it's not quite as big as a junior football-butt big enough that adults make long passing throws. This child football is great for playing outdoor kids games almost anywhere. Great for girls & Boys flag football, yard football games, a football beach game, foam sports games or other back-yard games for kids. A football for boys and girls who want to learn football fundamentals and child's football throwing trainer to practice throwing footballs. Toy soft football for kids ages 5 and up.

Throw farther with the Black Max Football! The patented spiral ring helps kids throw tighter spirals and farther distances. Special dimples make the ball easy to throw and catch! Ages 5+

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