Shashibo Battle Shapes Puzzle Game

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  • Have you mastered the Shape Shifting Box? Battle Shapes is a new Shashibo game with puzzling twists and turns. Its a war of brains & dexterity to see who can create the most Shashibo shapes!
  • This solo or multi-player game features a deck of cards showcasing a different Shashibo shape on each card and a point system for easy, moderate, or difficult shapes. Players then draw a card and compete to see who can do the shape transformation first and fastest!
  • The complete game set comes with 2 matching special edition Shashibo magnetic puzzle cubes, a deck of cards, a decision coin, an hourglass timer, and a bell for players to ring when they have completed the shape challenge.
  • Plus, each shape card features a QR code linked to a video, so players can learn how to make the shape and become a Shashibo master!
  • Ages: 8+

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Out of Stock

Shashibo Battle Shapes Puzzle Game
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