Dissect It Super Frog Lab

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  • Dissect-It Frog Lab Synthetic Dissection STEM Learning Toy
  • One of a kind gelatin material gives the realistic experience of dissection without the use of a real animal!
  • Learn about everything inside a an animal as you follow the detailed instructions!
  • Includes a dissection table and four plastic tools needed for dissecting
  • Featuring a complete 12 piece skeletal structure and a full set of organs
  • Includes 2 refill gel kits for more dissecting fun!
  • Ages 6 years and up

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Dissect-It Super Frog Lab is a fun learning activity toy featuring a carvable gelatin frog that contains a 12-piece skeletal structure including organs. Using the provided tools and dissection table Dissect-It Super Frog Lab simulates the experience and wonder of scientific dissection. The kit also comes with a free refill pack that allows for the molding of an additional frog after dissecting the provided frog.
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