Koosh Flix Stix

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  • Test your skills head-to-head with Koosh Flix Stix!
  • The fun of lacrosse meets the innovation of Koosh for easy catching and gameplay.
  • The large pocket on the Flix Stix combined with no-bounce Koosh balls makes catching and throwing a breeze!
  • Challenge your friends, pass Koosh back and forth, and see how far you can flick it!
  • Koosh was originally developed as an easier way to play catch, and this tactile wonder is now a classic toy!
  • There is only ONE ORIGINAL KOOSH, and its built on decades of quality construction.
  • Ages: 6+

Also, locally available at the following stores:

Chattanooga, TN
(423) 643-8697

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Mountain Top Toys, TN
(423) 886-6943

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Koosh Flix Stix
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