Do-a-dot Dinosaur
Activity Boo

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  • Big, bold artwork makes it easy for children to feel successful when coloring in all of our fun art activity books
  • Designed to cultivate the budding artist in your little one. You will notice our graphics have been designed to work with the large sponge tips of Do A Dot Art Markers, while at the same time not deciphering where each dot goes, so your little one has the joy of turning each page into their own work of art
  • Printed on heavy card stock paper to prevent bleeding
  • Perforated for easy removal and display
  • Exceptional performance

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imagination, do a dot, paint, color

dino, color, paint, do a dot

Prehistoric Pals

"Discovering Mighty Dinosaurs" is not just a coloring book, but a creative activity book that guides little hands to bring dinosaurs to life. Watch little ones use guiding lines to create 2D artwork of dinosaurs. As you turn the pages back to the prehistoric, discover facts about dinosaurs. You will meet the fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex, the long necked Apatosaurus, the brave Triceratops, and more. Do A Dot's bold and big artwork allows your artist to be confident, successful, and playful. This creative activity book is designed to be used with Do A Dot's sponge tip markers; the heavy cardstock pages prevent bleeding. Admire and display the masterpieces by easily removing pages at the perforated edges. Find mighty pals in the mighty dinosaurs in this unique creative activity book.

do a dot, paint, color

do a dot, paint, color

do a dot, paint, color

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