Electronic Arcade Skee Ball

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•AIM, SHOOT, SCORE! Tabletop version of the classic alley ball arcade game!
•ELECTRONIC SCOREBOARD KEEPS TRACK OF YOUR POINTS; Rack up the most points before time runs out!
•STRENGTHENS HAND-EYE COORDINATION, spatial reasoning, concentration.
•GREAT FOR AGES 6 AND UP; Easy gameplay; Features automatic ball-return; 1 and 2 player modes
•FEATURES GIANT 3-FOOT LONG TRACK! Requires 3 AAA batteries; Frustration-free packaging

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Slide the switch to either one-player mode or two-player mode and immediately the timer starts. Load the shooter with one of the 8 steel balls, turn it to aim, and release to shoot.

WHOOSH! - Will you shoot a perfect five-point shot, or will you fumble and roll into the one-point slot? Whoever can rack up the most points before the time runs out wins the game!
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