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•What are Tonie figures? The small figures contain music, knowledge, an audio game, or space for your creativity. They are part of the Toniebox, the clever audio system for children aged 3 and above. Once connected to the TONIECLOUD via Wi-Fi – off you go!
•Children love tony: the figures are water-repellent, robust and do everything. They are great for collecting. They are lovingly designed and hand painted, naturally with colors harmless to children. And they are great playmates.
•How does a sound work? Only the figure will make your Toniebox sound. Simply place your Tonie on the Tonie box - and everything is possible! The hearing figures hold magnetic, and when you don't want to hear anything more, just take them down.
•Ages 3+

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Finding Nemo is an unforgettable tale (unless you’re Dory!) of a young clownfish with a desire to explore the ocean and a father’s brave search for his son. On this fin-tastic adventure we meet many colorful and sophisticated characters and experience the ebb and flow of emoceans. But so you don’t turtle-y clam up there’s also four uplifting tunes to jig along to…shell we dance?!
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