GibGab Game

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• Fast-paced trivia challenge
• Encourages quick thinking, memory skills, concentration
• Pick a category, switch on the game board
• Press your button and say a word that matches the category to start the game
• Your lights start creeping toward your opponent until they say a word and press their button
• Whoever's lights reach the other end of the game board first wins!
• Category cards printed with 30 categories on each side - 300 total categories!
• 3 levels of difficulty - 2 seconds per light, 1.5 seconds per light, 1 second per light
• Requires 3 AAA batteries - Not included
• Ages 6 years and up

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Can you gib faster than they can gab? Pick a category from one of the cards and then press the center button to switch it on. The lights on the game board light up, half yours, half theirs. Quick! Say a word that matches the category and then press your button. When you do, your lights begin to move toward your opponent. Now they've got to think fast, say a word, and press their button to get their lights moving back toward you! You can set the lights to move either 2 seconds per light, 1 and 1/2 seconds per light, or if you're really feeling ambitious, just one second per light. Do you have the trivia skills to keep your opponent's lights from ever reaching your end of the game board? Enliven your next game night with the heart-racing high-pressure challenge of GibGab!
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