Classic Guess Who? Game

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Classic Guess Who? is the game you remember from the 1980's. Solve the mystery by asking yes/no questions to determine the mystery person.

  • Two plastic game units
  • 48 Small Face Cards
  • Deck of 24 mystery face Cards
  • Illustrated Instructions

  • Skill Level: starter
  • Number Of Players: 2 Players
  • Ages 6+

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Beloved 1980's version of the classic mystery face game is back! There's a mystery person on your opponent's card. Can you find the matching face in the crowd? Start with your game full of silly-looking characters. Then ask the right questions to eliminate the wrong faces! Does your person have blue eyes? Is your person wearing a hat? Once you're down to a face or two - solve the mystery by guessing who! If you're the first to identify your opponent's mystery person, you win.

Two Player Game

created by Ora and Theo Coster

1980's classic version

Allow your opponent to try to ask you questions pertaining to your chosen player's features. Only ask yes/no questions.

Develops your powers of deduction.

Guess the mystery person, when you feel that you are sure you have the right person. If you guess correctly, or if your opponent guesses incorrectly, you win the game.

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