Hyper Runner Stunt
Blue R/C Car

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  • Hyper Runner Stunt is a remote control car can do high-speed zip, whip, and spin in any direction to create cool tricks! 
  • Available in red, Blue, and green. Collect all 3!
  • Hyper Runner stunt Blue is a double-sided driving car where you can do special stunts such as 360 Degree flip and double-sided running with colorful power light
  • Forward/backward, left/right turn, 360 degree spinning and special stunts and moves. Press the demo button to do all the tricks.
  • Left/right turn trimmer adjustment.
  • USB quick rechargeable. 5 “AAA” batteries powered controller; 15 minutes Charging = 10 minutes running
  • 2.4 GHz wireless range allows multiple cars to race at the same time after pairing separately.
The box includes:
  • Blue stunt four-wheeler
  • Controller
  • USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Recommended ages: 8+

Also, locally available at the following stores:

Chattanooga, TN
(423) 643-8697


Mountain Top Toys, TN
(423) 886-6943


High-powered action in a tiny package: This remote control car performs superfast stunts and moves that you control! Stylish race car is specially designed with oversized wheels for tough terrain. Rotatable wheels that can make the car 360 degree rotation. Push the “demo” button to show various patterns of rotation and turnover. This smart car can do special stunts such as 360 degrees flip. USB quick rechargeable battery equipped in the car so you only need 15 mins charging time for 10 mins runtime! Collect all 3! Available in red (Retractable stunt bicycle), Blue (stunt four-wheeler), and green (Manta Ray). 2.4 GHz wireless range allows multiple cars to race at the same time after pairing separately. Share them with friends and family, and race against each other!

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Hyper Runner Stunt - RC Car Performs Multiple Tricks Like High-Speed 360° Spinning, Rotating, Double-Sided Running, Jump Up, and Transforming!

Hyper Runner Stunt is available for 3 colors: Blue, Green, and Red. Each stunt car has different tricks to perform.

Pick one of your favorite color, stunts, or collect 3 to race them simultaneously and superfast!

hyper runner stunt

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