Perfect Petzzz Mini
Golden Retriever Dog

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  • EXPERIENCE REAL PET OWNERSHIP – Enjoy the pleasures of owning a pet. Hug and play without the risk of getting bitten or scratched. Listen to our Golden Retriever “snore” as it sleeps.
  • HASSLE-FREE ALTERNATIVE TO REAL PETS – Enjoy the convenience and affection of having your very own pet without the hassles and expenses. No more messy feedings, harmful fleas, litter cleanups, and pricey trips to the vet.
  • RELAXING COMPANIONSHIP FOR ANY AGE – They’re wonderful companions for seniors and children, providing a lifelike, relaxing pet ownership experience.
  • 100% SYNTHETIC FUR CAUSES NO HYPERSENSITIVITIES – The Perfect Petzzz Mini Golden Retrieve is made of 100% handcrafted synthetic fur. You won’t have to worry about allergic reactions caused by real pet hair.
  • BATTERIES LAST UP TO 300 PRESSES – Our pet puppies give you maximum relaxation and enjoyment.

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Perfect Petzzz interactive Mini Golden Retriever gives you all the companionship benefits of caring for domesticated animals without the cumbersome and pricey upkeep. It lets you experience the perks and warmth of our interactive pooch, minus all the responsibilities. Elderly and young children alike will love our oh-so-adorable pooch.

Each interactive Golden Retriever offers the relaxing lifelike pleasure of owning a pet. Its synthetic fur is handcrafted to look and feel real. It is mainly created to bring you joy. You can pet its soft synthetic fleece and hair and feel a genuine loving interaction. When you press its tummy, it will snore for about 5 seconds – repeat as needed.

Take it with you anywhere you go. Our Mini Golden Retriever makes a great alternative for real pets, especially in senior communities such as nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. You can take it to the office too. Keep it at non-pet-friendly residences such condominiums and college dormitories. Our cuddly puppy makes a great gift, too! In the Mini Golden Retriever set, you’ll find a luxurious bed and a single-use battery (good for up to 300 presses).

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