Mini Iridescent Bowls

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  • Craft 3 colorful glitter bowls with this easy-to-make craft.
  • Make the glitter-glue mix, paint on a form, and wait to dry. That’s it!
  • With 3 different kinds of glitter, the possibilities and designs are up to you!
  • These 3 cute & tiny bowls are perfect for earrings, rings and smaller bling!
  • This set includes all the materials needed to make 3 tiny glitter bowls. No special tools or additional supplies to buy.
  • Recommended ages 8+

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A little glitter makes almost anything a lot better. So just imagine how awesome a bowl Made entirely of glitter will look! The way these Craft-tastic Mini iridescent bowls catch the light makes it seem like you are carrying a rainbow in your hand. With three different glitter colors to choose from, they will brighten any room and add a twinkle to the eyes of those who make them. Plus, they are perfect for keeping little treasures organized with holographic happiness. The Craft-tastic mini iridescent bowls are as easy to make as it is fun – just mix glitter and glue and spread the mixture over one of the reusable plastic forms. Let it dry and remove, and instant shimmery showpiece! Just remember, the bowls are decorative and not for food. Everything needed to make 3 mini iridescent bowls can be found here, including 6 plastic forms, 1 fluid ounce of (29 ml) water-based glue, . 49 ounces (13. 9 g) of glitter, 1 paintbrush and complete detailed instructions. There is no need to buy any additional tools or supplies. Making these mini iridescent bowls is a perfect way to learn new crafting skills while creating a place for keepsakes that may be small on size but big on sparkle.

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