Color Changing Needoh Groovy Glob

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  • The Groovy Glob of gratifying goo, squish this satisfying sphere and it changes color
  •  It’ll help you mellow out and find inner peace and tranquility
  • You knead Nee Doh. Give it a squeeze, a squish, a pull or a smush, it’ll sooth your soul and get you feeling groovy fast

  • Filled with a mysterious, completely child safe, environmently friendly, jelly-like compound, it’s strong, durable and won’t break open; always returns to its original shape

Also, locally available at the following stores:

Chattanooga, TN
(423) 643-8697


Mountain Top Toys, TN
(423) 886-6943


The NeeDoh stress ball will help you mellow out! Then you knead Nee-Doh! Grab a glob and give a squeeze, revealing the changing color inside! The experience will blow your mind, soothe your soul, and have you feeling groovy in no time!

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