Ogodisk Mini Set

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  • FUN FOR BACKYARD, BEACH, AND POOL PLAY - Our OgoSport Disk Set is perfect for some fun in the sun! The disks’ foam construction makes the paddles waterproof so they won’t sink in the pool or ocean. Awesome for launching water balloons at a water party, passing our OgoSoft ball, or using as a frisbee at the beach or park; this disc game is just what you need to add some fun to any summer day!
  • DURABLE FOAM, SPANDEX - Our beach trampoline game set is strong enough to catch and throw balls up to 150 feet! The set includes one bright-blue and one orange disk and one OgoSoft ball that is safe for indoor or outdoor use. Each disk measures 12 inches in diameter and is made with an EVA foam ring and nylon-spandex membrane center. The durable design is perfect to play party games as a family.
  • ADAPTS TO MANY OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - Our disk set is perfect for kids above age 4, but can also be fun for the whole family. Play numerous outdoor games with the family like frisbee on the beach, volleyball, baseball, tennis, or badminton in the backyard. Get creative and play with our OgoDisk set anywhere! Keep the whole family involved and have a blast together! This game is great for kids and also makes for fun outdoor adult games.
  • INCREASES HAND-EYE COORDINATION - Our Ogodisks are strong enough to launch balls or water balloons 150 feet, but are small enough to make it a challenge to catch the a moving target. Get your kids started young to increase their hand-eye coordination for sports and other activities. Also, test out your own skills by a game of frisbee or by bouncing a ball back and forth in the backyard!
  • PARENTS CHOICE AWARD - The Mini Ogodisk Super Disk Set received a Parents Choice Award in 2007. It won the TD Monthly’s 2007 Innovations Award, Kaboose Amazing Toy Award in 2008, Creative Child Preferred Choice Award for Teens and Tweens, and was an ASTRA’s Best Toys for Kids finalist in 2015.

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Our OgoSport Disk Set includes two disks that measure 12 inches in diameter and an OgoSoft ball perfect for outdoor or indoor play. The foam and spandex construction of the disk set make it waterproof and perfect for pool and beach play. Our trampoline game is small enough to store and easy to pack. Take this simple 3 piece set with you anywhere you go for some quick family fun! Each hand trampoline is perfect for bouncing balls or water balloons back and forth up to 150 feet or can be used as a frisbee. This disc game set is fun for volleyball, baseball, tennis, badminton, frisbee, and an unlimited number of possibilities for inventive play. We recommend children ages 4 and up use our frisbee set. Teens and adults have also found the competitive challenge of our OgoSport Disks to provide hours of endless fun as well. Not only will our Mini Ogodisk set kids toys provide hours of fun play, but they will increase your hand-eye coordination, physique, and promote an active lifestyle with your kids.

OgoDisk Mini - A hand trampoline for balls:

Throw! Catch! Bounce!

  A flying disc that catches and throws balls up to 150'. Adapts to many sports such as volleyball, baseball, and tennis, floats on water, and is even awesome with water balloons. Unlimited possibilities for inventive, active play. Ages 4 and up. Includes:2pcs 12" Sports Disks with 1 Ogosoft Ball.

Bounce any ball with the OgoDisk

- Great for hand-eye coordination.

- Adapts to games such as tennis, volleyball, badminton and more.

- Included OgoSoft ball is safe for indoor or outdoor use.

Hours of outdoor fun

For all ages.

Encourages active play

And healthy fun, indoors or out.

Bounce any ball --

For summer fun, try it in the pool with water balloons!

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