Pocket Scope

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  • It's a 8x telescope and a 30x microscope in one.
  • Sleek design looks like a pen.
  • Great exploring and bird watching tool.
  • Supports STEM learning by encouraging scientific exploration and discovery.
  • Perfect for outdoor play & at home learning. Get kids outside to explore the world and stay curious! We are dedicated in providing resources that keep your kids learning and having fun while at home.

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This sleek little scope pretends to be a pen while it packs the double-duty power of an 8x telescope AND a precision 30x microscope. Slip it in your pocket and set off for undercover sleuthing, bird-watching, or microscopic investigation. Extend the telescoping barrel to view distant objects 8 times larger. Or slide it back to explore microscopic details on stamps, coins, insects—even skin—at 30 times the magnification. A must-have for young scientists and wanna-be spies.
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