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  • CHRISTMAS TRADITION FOR KIDS: Start a new holiday tradition with your kids! Reindeer comes to visit at holiday time and wants to learn all about each child, & to celebrate that being different is normal.
  • NO HOLIDAY STRESS: The child will LOVE to cuddle their Christmas friend and take it everywhere with them. No need for parents to move it every day around the house or come up with ridiculous scenarios (unless they want to of course)!
  • CREATE MEMORIES: The Reindeer show up at holiday time to stay with each child and go on adventures with them. Each child names their Reindeer and decides if it is a boy or a girl making it equally as unique as they are.
  • DIFFERENT IS NORMAL: Created by a dad who wanted a POSITIVE Christmas tradition for his children that celebrated their individuality. Reindeer In Here's shortened antler helps kids recognize that being different is normal.
  • AWARD WINNING TOYS: We're a beloved Christmas tradition brand with 12 awards including a gold Mom's Choice, Creative Child Magazine's Book of the Year, & National Parenting Center Seal of Approval .

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Reindeer in Here

Reindeer In Here is a Christmas friend sent by Santa as the first gift of the Christmas season to get to know each individual child and celebrate that being different is normal. As daily adventures unfold between child and Reindeer, the Reindeer learn about each child and help Santa deliver their true Christmas wishes.

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12 MAJOR awards including a gold Mom’s Choice, Creative Child Magazine's Book of the Year, and the prestigious National Parenting Center seal of approval!

Soft and cuddly


A true Christmas friend, children are encouraged to take the Reindeer plush with them anywhere and everywhere on daily adventures! To grandma's house, biking, ballet, and more, the Reindeer will travel everywhere to learn about the uniqueness of each individual child!



Reindeer In Here was created by a DAD who wanted a POSITIVE Christmas tradition for his children that celebrates their individuality and the message that BEING DIFFERENT IS NORMAL. It's a positive experience for children, and instead of spying on your kids, Reindeer In Here helps Santa get to know them better!



Reindeer In Here is not only a great Christmas tradition, but the story holds an inspiring message for your children to celebrate year-round, that being different is normal. Every one of us is different in our own unique ways and Reindeer In Here thinks those differences should be celebrated at holiday time and beyond.

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