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Rainbow Xylophone

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  • Travel with it and play anywhere: The electronic xylophone pad is portable and flexible. Easily rock out the set that you can bring it with you anywhere, and simply roll it back up into your bag after playing. Bring it with you and play songs when having picnic, gathering, or birthday party!
  • A rainbow in the box: The box includes rainbow xylophone, mallets, color coded song booklet, USB power cord, and user manual. The xylophone set is well-designed with rainbow color coded bars that it is easy to learn. Powered by USB (cord included) or battery (AAA batteries x4). play it anytime without waiting!
  • Follow the rainbow colors, play songs are so easy!: Features a unique play-by-color song booklet; you can play a whole song by just following the colors! Tutorial function lets you play with the demo songs! Learning songs are Super simple and fun! More songs are on our website!
  • Play quietily… or play out loud: the colorful xylophone is equipped with record/playback functions, 7 different tones, and multiple demo songs to learn. Built-in speaker and audio output allow you to connect it to your headphone or speaker. Play it with your favorite music like a real musician!
  • Electronic percussion for everyone: It is standard size with 22 bars that perfect for beginner to master/All ages. Promote tactile learning and hand-eye coordination and included song book let kids to play the songs by color! Simply enjoy this well-made rainbow xylophone to learn or to use it for fun!
  • Recommended ages: 4+

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Rock and roll it – Rainbow Xylophone is an electronic percussion pad that is flexible, portable, and easily to travel with. Rainbow color coded bars & song booklet allow you to learn and play songs so easily!

Powered by USB (cord included) or battery (AAA batteries x4). easily to rock out and roll it back and put it in your bag or in the box after playing. Unique pad design mimics Real xylophone. Color coded bars, song booklet and tutorial functions allow you to learn and play songs easily and fast. 7 realistic instrument sound styles (xylophone, tubular bells, Celesta, Glockenspiel, music box, vibraphone, and marimba) + multiple demo songs that you can play the xylophone pad in multiple ways. Multiple functions include built-in speaker, Audio output, record/playback, and volume control keys. Allow you to connect the audio output to your headphone or external speaker. The standard electronic xylophone set allows beginners to Masters, kids and adults to enjoy the bight and brittle sounds by striking the pad with mallets and playing with your favorite music. The box includes: Rainbow Xylophone, Mallet, Color coded song booklet, USB power cord, User Manual.

Note: The xylophone will enter sleep mode when there is no playing for 3 minute. Press the key to wake it up. Do not use near strong radio waves. Roll it up loosely. Rolling it too tightly could damage the inner connections. Rechargeable batteries are only to be charged under adult supervision.

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Portable & Flexible

The electric xylophone pad is portable and flexible. Easily rock it out and roll it back. Great gift for kids' birthday or Christmas day.

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Play-By-Color Song Book

Features a unique play-by-color song booklet; kids can play a whole song by just following the colors! Suitable for children who start to learn musical notes and rhythms; promote tactile learning and hand-eye coordination.

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22 Color Coded Bars + Mallets

It is standard size with 22 bars and mallets. Perfect size for beginner to master/all ages.

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USB or Battery Powered

Powered by USB (cord included) or battery (AAA batteries x4). Play it anytime without waiting!

Foldable Xylophone That You Can Travel With It & Play Everywhere!

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Play-By-Color Song Book

The booklet has 9 songs which includes Mary Had A Little Lamb, You Are My Sunshine, and We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Great electronic percussion for the holiday season. Learning songs are super simple and fun!

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