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  • THE ORIGINAL AND BEST: 512 perfectly crafted miniature magnets meticulously designed for maximum fun. If you’re in need of a desktop distraction, an office status symbol or somewhere to store your nervous energy; we created Speks for you.
  • BUILDABLE, MASHABLE, SMASHABLE: Build, mold, sculpt and engineer endless shapes and satisfying structures. Then mash ‘em all up and start over again! The only limit is your imagination, flex that flux and show us what you can do.
  • SMUSH STRESS, CRUSH ANXIETY: Bring a dose of zen wherever the day takes you. Super portable and delightfully distracting, Speks are perfect for fidgety fingers. From our office of socially awkward award winners to yours, we’ve got chillin’ down.
  • MUCH MORE THAN MAGNETS: A case to carry your calm, a base to support your magnetic masterpiece, a guide to get you goin’ and a handy splitter card for more advanced endeavors are all included with your Speks.
  • AGES 14+: Keep away from all children. Magnetic flux index less than 50.

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speks logo

cherry pop speks in a diamond shape in a male hand

meet speks, the original in mashable, smashable, grown-up fun!made from rare earth magnets with a super strong polymer coating in two complementary tones, speks are quite possibly the best stress-relief desk toy around (#humblebrag). take ‘em wherever you like — they’re the perfect size for work or on-the-go.

benjamins light and dark green speks in a sphere

build an original.

snag your own set of speks and add delight to the workday, make a conference room feel more like a conga line, bring a little dose of zen when and where you need it most.

denim light and dark blue speks in a diamond

gift guide approved.

those days of stressing over what to gift your boss or co-workers, and nieces or nephews in college are long gone. you'll win everyone over no matter if they're in the dorm room or boardroom.

goldfish light and dark orange speks in a sphere

destress your day.

stuck in a meeting that could have been an email? did your conference call go 2 hours over? grab a set of speks to discreetly unwind through your fingertips no matter where your daily grind takes you.

speks haze dark and light purple in a diamond

mash 'em up.

build like a boss or smash away your stress. you'll get your fidgets out in style.

Desk toy, magnetic desk toy, magnetic balls, speks, desk toys, base, case, guide, splitter card

speks building magnets.

each set of speks is made up of 2.5mm small magnetic balls and fully adheres to all safety standards. share the fun with your dad, your best friend, your boss (or anyone 14+) — or keep ‘em for yourself, we won’t tell.

Desk toy, magnetic desk toy, magnetic balls, speks, desk toys, base, case, guide, splitter card

carrying case.

bring a dose of zen wherever the day takes you, whether the boardroom to the dorm room, or somewhere in between. pack ‘em up in their carrying case, and mash and smash your stress away!

Desk toy, magnetic desk toy, magnetic balls, speks, desk toys, base, case, guide, splitter card

building base.

a metal building base makes it easy to put your creations on display

Desk toy, magnetic desk toy, magnetic balls, speks, desk toys, base, case, guide, splitter card

plastic splitter card and get goin' guide.

grab our originals to build, mold, sculpt, and engineer limitless shapes and structures with our easy-to-use plastic splitter card. then mash ‘em up and start all over again! plus, if you’re looking for a little more inspiration, each set comes with our 16-page starter guide (to get your creative juices flowing).

delightfully distracting.

cherry pop red and pink speks in a sphere

deep end teal two tone speks sphere

denim two tone blue speks pyramid

full duotone line in shapes on a desk

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