Tangle Therapy

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•Fidget toy for relaxing the mind and strengthening hand muscles
•Encourages fine motor dexterity, focus, mental and physical wellness
•Discover a new approach to mental clarity!
•System of rotating, interconnected links covered with textured rubber
•Relieves minor stress, improves range of hand motion, restores motion of joints, strengthens finger muscles, rehabilitates hand muscles and joints, helps the mind focus
•Fits in your hand for single handed manipulation
•Complete instructions are included
•High quality materials and construction for lasting durability
•Ages 3+

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Chattanooga, TN
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Mountain Top Toys, TN
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Untangle your brain and discover a new approach to mental clarity! Simple yet ingenious - Tangle Therapy consists of nothing more than a system of interconnected, rotating links covered with soft, textured rubber. Pick it up and your fingers can't help but continuously twist, turn, bend, coil, and shape it into endlessly changing configurations - You can immediately feel your scattered brain fall into perfect alignment!
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