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Cobra Paw Game

Roll the dice and match the pairs with ninja-like speed! First player to claim six tiles wins! 2-6 players. Ages 5+

Additional Information

Ninja-like know-how steals the game in Cobra Paw! Players take turns rolling the dice (featuring 6 unique symbols), spotting the tile with the matching pattern, then grabbing it before their opponents. The first player to snatch up 6 tiles wins the game. 2-6 players. Ages 5+


From the makers of Bananagrams
Fast-paced matching game

Skill Building

Children will use cognitive development skills to quickly identify matching tile and dice pairs. They will use quick reflexes and fine motor skills to be the first to grab the correct tile. Playing with friends and family members builds social skills and self-esteem.

Package Contents:  

21 tiles, 2 dice, instructions

Recommended Age:  

5 Years to 7 Years


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