Product Image Color Cube Sudoku

Color Cube Sudoku

Flip and rearrange the nine Color Cubes in the 3x3 tray until each color appears only once in each row and column. It's a Sudoku brain workout! Ages 8+

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Additional Information

This colorful logic puzzle game is Sudoku meets Rubik's Cube! Arrange nine 2x2 cubes in a 3x3 tray so that each color only appears once per row and once per column. Once you've mastered this tricky puzzle, take on a series of extra challenging bonus puzzles listed in the instruction booklet! Ages 8+


Colorful blend of Sudoku and Rubik's puzzles
Many possible solutions
Bonus puzzles for extra challenges

Skill Building

This game promotes visual-spatial skills as children envision how to rearrange the colored blocks to find a solution. They will use cognitive abilities to find the right patterns as they work towards solving the puzzle.

Package Contents:  

Color Cube Sudoku Game

Recommended Age:  

8 Years to 12 Years


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