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Counting Pogo Jumper

The Counting Pogo Jumper counts the number of times you hop. This kid-friendly pogo jumper features soft footholds, a stretchy rubber bungee, comfy handles and squeaks on every hop. Ages 3+.

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Additional Information

The Counting Pogo Jumper provides safe, squeaky jumping fun for indoor or outdoor use. Pull up on the handles as you jump to add spring to your hop! Suitable for kids or adults, the Counting Pogo Jumper holds up to 250 pounds. The counter tracks your hops, so try to beat your best score and challenge friends! Ages 3+.


Built-in jump counter
Holds up to 250 pounds
Soft footholds and handles
Use indoors or outdoors
Squeaks on every hop

Skill Building

The Counting Pogo Jumper helps children develop gross motor skills such as jumping and balancing. The counter encourages kids to jump as many times as possible, promoting active play and endurance. Jumping while pulling up on the handle promotes coordination.

Package Contents:  

Pogo Jumper with built-in counter

Recommended Age:  

3 Years to 5 Years


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