Product Image Craft-tastic I Love Mermaids Kit

Craft-tastic I Love Mermaids Kit

Make six magical mermaid crafts, including a mermaid wallet, bracelet, crown and more! Ages 6 +

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Additional Information

Make an ocean of crafts with the Craft-tastic I Love Mermaids Kit! This 6-in-1 kit lets you make a mermaid bracelet, mermaid crown, star hair accessory, a mermaid wallet, a lucky jar of mermaid scales and mermaid mini dolls. These shiny, under-the-sea themed crafts are fun and easy to make, perfect for anyone who needs a little mermaid magic in their life. Ages 6 +


Makes 6 mermaid crafts
Wearable accessories

Skill Building

Build fine motor skills with the Craft-tastic I Love Mermaids Kit! Children will use their creativity to choose their yarn colors and other details, and practice fine motor control while mastering the crafts. Working to complete a craft builds patience and concentration.

Package Contents:  

8 pieces acrylic felt, 10 yds (9.1 m) cotton thread, 2 yds (1.9 m) polyester thread, 2 wood beads, 2 chenille stems, 5.7 yds (5.2 m) acrylic yarn, 41 pieces adhesive, 3.5 grams glitter, 1 plastic glitter-filled vial, 23 pieces card stock, 1 metal hair cli

Recommended Age:  

6 Years to 12 Years


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