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Mini Iridescent Bowls


Recommended Age :

8 Years to 12 Years

Skill Building :

Additional Information

The Craft-tastic Mini Iridescent Bowls kit lets children create pretty, decorative bowls made of only paper and glue. Just glue shiny paper circles together using bowl molds, let dry, and then display! Makes three different size bowls, perfect for storing trinkets and treasures. Ages 8+


Make bowls to store keepsakes and trinkets
3 different sized bowl forms
Create functional decorations

Skill Building

The Craft-tastic Mini Iridescent Bowls kit features pre-cut paper circles and bowl-shaped molds that enable children to create bowl patterns using their fine motor skills and thumb-and-forefinger grasp. Laying out the paper circles to craft bowls requires children to use their visual and spatial perception and creativity. Finished bowls can be given as gifts or displayed for a self-esteem boost.

Package Contents:  

3 different sized reusable plastic bowl forms, 120 paper circles, glue, and foam applicator


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