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String Dessert Art Kit


Recommended Age :

8 Years to 12 Years

Skill Building :

Additional Information

The Craft-tastic String Dessert Kit lets kids push pins into the sturdy foam canvases and string away, no hammer or nails needed. Use included patterns or design your own. This string art kit includes patterns for making a unicorn and a heart. Ages 10+


Make 2 canvases
Create custom designs or follow templates
Hang finished canvases on the wall

Skill Building

Sturdy foam canvases let children use their fine motor skills to place pins and wrap colorful designs. The kit lets kids use their creativity to complete the included designs or create their own. Finished canvases can be hung as decorations, providing children with a boost in self-esteem.

Package Contents:  

Pins, string, 2 canvases


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