Product Image D.I.Y. Color Me! Sqooshies Sweets Kit

D.I.Y. Color Me! Sqooshies Sweets Kit

Use puffy fabric paint and glitter to add 3-D details to three squishable, slow-rising keychains! Ages 6+

Additional Information

Paint and squish 3 adorable characters! A purple unicorn donut, pink cupcake and aqua blue ice pop are waiting to be customized with puffy paint and glitter. Attach them to the keychains and tote them wherever you go. Ages 6+


Slow-rising, soft squishies
Makes 3 unique squishies

Skill Building

Children will use their creativity to decorate their own squishies. Using puffy paint to draw designs uses fine motor skills, and carrying around the squishies as a fashion statement boosts self-esteem.

Package Contents:  

Includes 3 Slow-Rise Sqooshies, 7 Paint Tubes (0.2oz/6ml), Glitter (0.35oz/1g), Paint Brush with Detailing Tip, 3 Ball Chains and Easy Instructions

Recommended Age:  

6 Years to 8 Years


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